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Holidays in Pattaya

"Scrape the mud right off your shoes". Come here with a fresh mind and forget what you might have heard or read about this piece of land set right in the heart of the Gulf of Siam & in the imagination of so many people that it has grown alive and healthy. Here, East meets West, and both seem to benefit.

Warning: due to various factors, like seasons related fluctuations, it is difficult to give precise figures concerning, for instance, the present population, the number of tourists, of hotels or beds or restaurants, the distances, "et cætera". It is also impossible to mention everything or to give an exhaustive list of available activities as they are too numerous.

Situated ±150 Kilometers south of Bangkok (or only about 2 hours drive), on the Eastern seaboard, Pattaya is one of Thailand's foremost beach resorts (others being the large islands of Phuket and Koh Samui), and annually attracts more than two million tourists from all over the world (above all: Asian countries [including Thai tourists!], Middle-East & Persian Gulf States, Europe [including Russia], North America [including... USA], Australia and New Zealand). It is THE International Playground of Asia.

The first trucks of American soldiers in search of Rest & Recreation from the Vietnam War arrived on the quiet and palm-fringed beach on the 29th of June 1959 (other sources mention 29th April 1961.). Those peaceful invaders (...) spread the word to others US bases in Thailand and the trend was set for good. Ever since, no looking back, Pattaya has been busy with life, apparently fulfilling the silent dreams of many holidaymakers. Consequently, all types of accommodations have sprung up, in a very wide range that suits every taste and pocket.

From lying flat on the sand to flying high in a microlight, there is an increasingly wide choice of activities available : a dozen golf courses (and driving ranges) world class level at local prices, many diving schools (PADI or NAUI certified courses) with qualified polyglot instructors, plenty of Tennis courts in the leading hotels (coaches can be hired), a good number of fitness centers in town (gymnasiums, weightlifting, aerobics, sauna...), as well as archery, badminton, bowling, bungee jumping, darts, fishing (fresh water and deep-sea), go-banana on inflatable boats, go-kart, horse riding, jogging, microlight flying, motor racing, mountain bike riding, paintball parks, paragliding, parachuting, running, sailing, seabed-walking, shooting, snooker, snorkeling, soft ball, squash, swimming, tae kwon do, Thai boxing, volley ball, riding water-scooter, water skiing & wind surfing.

Do come and enjoy all those sports at minimum cost. If needed, you can get good equipment for a good price at local specialized shops or big department stores.

Pattaya, the city that never sleeps

After a day at the beach (or golfing, or... see the above mentioned list of activities), get ready for other emotions: Nightlife here is like nowhere else. To the hungry ghosts or gourmets, the resort offers an incredible variety of "eateries", ranging from the modest but surprisingly succulent street-stalls (beware of spices though) to the five stars hotels and their 'seasoned Chefs'. You will have a rough time choosing among restaurants preparing the best "cuisine" and delicacies from all over the world, catered in appropriate typical settings.

"After lunch, sleep a while; after diner, walk a mile", this precept is still more valuable in South Pattaya where you can stroll along the "Golden Mile" (i.e. the Strip) dedicated to pedestrians after 7.30 pm. The show is in the street itself as well as in the numerous pubs, gogo-bars, discos and cabarets. If you're still on empty-stomach, try there some of the finest sea-food restaurants "on stilts". And there's so much to do in other parts of town... In Pattaya, the night life is vibrant.

Transvestites shows are something to see: you will hardly believe that all those gorgeous and buxom artists are all males! Just to convince you, they come and have a chat with you (posing for a photo) at the end of the show.

Just want to relax and watch the latest movie from Hollywood? No problem, the "talkies" are comfortable and air-conditioned (don't forget to stand up during the "video-compliments" to His Majesty).

Still some energy left? Dance till you drop in the largest (and most deafening) discotheques of Asia where East meets West in the most interesting manner.

Want to "burn" your last travelers' cheques? Change-counters are opened up to 10 pm everyday. You can go shopping till late on Beach road or 2nd road. Bargaining is a must in the "traditional" markets. Some supermarkets (mainly for food) and restaurants are "on duty" 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, all through the year.

From families to individual visitors, Pattaya offers something for everyone and all the ingredients for a truly memorable holiday. Not convinced yet? Then come here and see it for yourself!!